Run C&W - Ballad of the Burns Brothers Lyrics

Ballad of the Burns Brothers
written: B. Leadon, D. Dillard and G. Clark

[All spoken]

It was the spring of 1946
Old Dad Burns came back to Hardin County, Kentucky
He'd been in the Pacific fightin' with MacArthur

When he got back, he took him a little trip to Alabama
To visit with a sailor that he'd met
Name of Dave Hill
Do a little fishing

While he was down there
He met the prettiest little girl he'd ever laid eyes on
That was Dave's little sister Augusta
Everybody just called her Aug

He looked at her and he said "Aug...
Aug Hill, one of these days
I'm gonna change your name
To Aug Burns"

Well, sure enough he did
And they moved back up to Burlington County
Daddy got a job in the mine
Mama started working in the mill
But it was killin' work
And Daddy never did get used to workin' in the dark

One morning he got up and drew his pay
Handed in his shovel and walked back home and said
"Aug, pack up the pickup
We're gettin' out of here
We're going to the Motor City
That's right, Detroit
Honey, they got Cadillacs to make
And that sweet soul music to listen to
Let's go"

So mama jumped in the truck
And they burned rubber for Detroit City
But on the way they had to stop
Down at the HoJo restaurant and motel
Long enough for mama to give birth
To the world's first non-identical quadruplets
The Burns Brothers

Now we've been separated
And we've been reunited
And we are now the Burns Brothers
Run C&W
Carrying the message to the world
From old Dad Burns
And playin' that sweet soul music
Just the way God intended for it to played
Bluegrass style


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